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Custom Vinyl Replacement Windows

Smart Choice Windows & More offers a variety of products that are designed to give your home that elegant, attractive appearance, while providing the many conveniences that an innovative design is capable of bringing out. Choosing the right replacement window product is important, as they need to be able to with stand the harsh elements of Cleveland Winters, as well as Rain and Wind.

Double Hung Windows

Our double-hung windows are designed to provide superior insulation to your home, while also providing great durability against the harsh weathers of Cleveland, Ohio. They come with a weather-tight seal designed to help water smoothly fall off, which prevents rain damage from occurring over time. Want a window that doesn’t require mind-numbing amounts of cleaning to keep it's elegance? The tilt-in construction of these windows allow for easy cleaning, removing hours of work over time. Double-hung windows also do an excellent job of eliminating drafts in your home by utilizing the multiple barriers and enhancing thermal performance.

Casement and Awning Windows

Our casement and awning window replacement selections are built to survive all seasons, due to dual pane glass and a solid, fully welded frame and sash. They also include a heavy-duty hardware that pulls against the sash, creating a tighter seal to enhance lifespan against the elements. The detailed design also comes with optional grid selection, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home. And you won’t have to worry about maintenance, as our high-quality components allow for both smooth opening and closing, as well as easy cleaning.

Horizontal Slider/Two Lite Slider Windows

Our horizontal slider windows ensure years of safety, durability, and energy savings. This lasting investment in both beauty and convenience is due to the multi-cavity construction and energy-efficient glass. The construction is built with high-impact vinyl to ensure durability, and the vinyl eliminates the need for time-consuming painting. Our horizontal slider window selection is built to withstand the most brutal weather conditions, so that your windows not only look beautiful, but also provide an excellent shield for your home. And for when the weather outside matches the beauty of your window, the narrow profiles allow for an excellent view of the outdoors.

Bay and Bow Windows

The bay and bow window ensures years of quality service due to the factory-finished support members that stabilize the unit. The stainless steel hardware and vinyl construction adds to this by removing the need for maintenance or painting. When you choose bay and bow windows for your window replacement, you better be prepared to add a whole new level of style and view to your home. With a wide set and real birch wood, they add a special elegance to your home while also providing you with a stunning view. Both durable and stylish, this window is an excellent addition to any home.

Garden Windows

Want to grow plants in your home to add even more style to the interior? The garden window allows for the perfect amount of natural sunlight to help grow and nurture your plants, while providing an unique style to your home. With custom size selection, any home can be equipped with the garden window. They also were built with the goal of improving energy-efficiency, which they do so by combining a vinyl frame, sash, and insulated glass.

Vinyl Patio Door

Need a smooth and effective window for your home? The vinyl patio door is a fantastic choice for your needs. They feature an exclusive sliding system that ensure smooth and quiet operation. The high-performance water drainage system of these windows allow for easy water runoff, decreasing the chance of water damage to your home over time. Vinyl patio doors also come equipped with sturdy adjustable screens that prevent derailing or jamming. You can also expect improved thermal efficiency and sound reduction, thanks to the multiple air chambers that are built into the design.

Energy Package

Looking to improve the design of your home and decrease your energy bills? Our energy package is the most comprehensive package on the market, including a Low-E glass and argon gas to provide the best thermal glass performance and glare reduction you can find. You can also expect the lifetime of your drapes and carpets to be improved, as the glass helps prevent damage from the UV rays. If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home without breaking the bank, be sure to ask for more information about our energy package. Not only are you saving money now, but you will find yourself saving thousands of dollars over time thanks to a reduction in heating and cooling costs!

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Replacement windows are an important investment to your home, and we hope that this page gave you more information about the many perks you can expect with our selection. Smart Choice Windows and More aims to provide the premium solutions you desire, with the price tags you can easily afford. We are a fully insured company, and we do offer financing for your convenience. For more information, or to schedule a free home consultation, be sure to contact us today at 440-946-3697. We look forward to serving you!